Friday, October 30, 2009

Paradise Pissed Me Off Today

Ok, ok...I know I live in the greatest place on the whole freaking planet, but I wasn't feeling it today. Hawaii was thwarting me at every turn. Today was the 2nd Furlough Friday (grrr) and I worked in the AM and CRH was closing so we did shifts. CRH and Eve planted flowers today and learned all about plants and what not. I had planned to go to the State Capitol area, catch the remainder of the rally mentioned in yesterday's post(which I missed by arriving 1.5 hours late), and go to the State Art Museum. Well, apparently I MISSED that the Hawaii State Art Museum is ALSO on Furlough Friday. Can I just say what piss poor planning that is?? You close ALL the schools AND the state museums?? Really??? How about you Furlough Monday the state museums so that parents that want to take their kids out on educational outings during this ridiculous Furlough Friday crap can have somewhere to go?! OMG I almost exploded. I believe the exact quote out of my eloquent mouth was "You got to be F*$%ing kidding me!".
Well, I'm an excellent I had a plan B. Oh yes, the State of Hawaii WILL NOT thwart Amy Hart. Alas, the Daughters of Hawaii will. Plan B was to take Eve to the Queen Emma Summer Palace. It's NOT a state museum, so I felt safe in that they were open today. They were open and doing tours...just not for us. I get there and no one acknowledges our presence. The greeter is out on the front porch (I find out later, b/c I thought she was a guest) having a drink and chatting. Eve and I stand at the front for a good few minutes as to not interupt the tour in progress and then I finally decided that we would just walk around and do a self guided tour until I could get someone's attention. I thought my walking around and not paying would have done it, but not so much. Eve and I go through the house with the exception of one room and walk around the grounds back to the front. I realize the the lady on the porch actually works there and asked how we could take a tour. She looks at me like I'm stupid and sighs...really...sighed. She said with disdain that if I had a small child with me that my best bet was to do a self guided tour. I told her that we had done that BUT that MY small child was actually the one that WANTED to do the guided tour (said to self b/c quite frankly I could care less...). So then she tells me that I can join the tour in progress (which I know is more than 3/4 over) or wait for some other people to show up and then they will do another tour. I turned and departed.
Eve had initially asked when CRH and I did the hand off if we could go for ice cream. Upon getting back in the car at the summer palace, Eve inquired as to where our next destination was since this wasn't working out so well. I replied to get some freaking ice cream b/c 1. They are open and 2. I'm sure they will gladly take our money and serve us!!

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