Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tasty Treats

I was washing dishes tonight and I had a BRAINCHILD! I mean an actual...omg, I'm a genius kind of moment. Although, I'm throwing said idea out to you all for feedback, because it may be plagiarism...let's see shall we??
My mother of all ideas is this...I mean it's a good one. Have you ever in your life bought a cookbook where you actually liked ALL the recipes?? Well you may or may not in this BRAINCHILD of mine, but I would! I know...cookbook...Amy...hmmmm...where in the hell is she going with this one? CRH and I are an excellent team in many, many ways, but here's one of our specialities. Stay with me here, it's going somewhere. I love to go through magazines, blogs, online sites, cookbooks, etc. and find recipes that sound delicious! It's a hobby of mine. I don't cook and I never, ever in life plan to start...although I do bake. CRH is a fantastic cook, so he prepares all of these things that I find (well, mostly unless they have ricotta...but that was 10+ years ago and I'm over it now). So, what if I publish a cookbook with ALL my most favorite recipes??? I have tons of binders with plastic protecting the carefully torn out of magazine recipes and cookbooks and ideas to fill one up in about 2 seconds. The only possible itsy bitsy problem with this is that I didn't develop any of them...not a one...BUT I'm happy to give credit to the source! I'm excellent at meal planning...excellent. So folks...can I publish this absolute BRAINCHILD of mine or would I have to get permission from the 80 million sources, because that would be exhausting and so NOT worth the effort?

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