Friday, December 18, 2009

The Christmas Black Hole

I fell into this week. OMG, I've crafted, partied, wrapped, and baked myself silly. I'm off today and I'm uploading pics, going to the post office, and then vegging at the beach for hours.
Last Sunday, CRH and I took Eve to see Santa at Ala Moana Center after he got off from work. I loathe the mall. I used to LOVE it...NOTHING in the world was more fun than hanging out at the mall for HOURS with my friends. Now, I'd rather online shop in my PJs and hang out with my friends over a bottle of wine. Anyway, we ventured into the belly of the beast 2 weekends before Christmas and it wasn't awful. When CRH got to the mall, Santa was eating dinner. We followed suit and then lined up to see him. All in all it only took 30 minutes and we got to see a cool holiday Christmas tree light show choreographed to music while we waited. I couldn't hear what Santa was saying to her. She had greatly reduced her wish list down to 4 items this year due to the recession and all. Anyway, I asked and she beamed up at us and said "He said he'd see what he can do for me". I love that Santa! The other Santas around the island just don't hold a candle to this guy.

After Santa, we took Eve over to see the Honolulu City of Lights display. This is the event that I tried to take her to a few weeks ago when they did the tree lighting ceremony and I had to abort that mission due to stress and traffic. I'm glad we waited. It was beautiful to see the lights and we did it with FAR LESS of a crowd. (Although, it was still really busy!) They had some great displays. Our most favorite was the manger RIGHT beside the PFLAG pride flag...LOVED it. The huge lighted tree was as big as the palm trees - very cool.

Monday night Eve and I crafted and made gifts. Details will not be provided in the blog b/c you might be the recipient.
Tuesday, CRH and I shopped for hours at Target...hours. It was fun though. He and I rarely get to shop alone. We went home and finished some crafting and took Eve to hula practice. I came home and baked for the next night.
Wednesday, CRH mailed the first round of packages for me. I worked and then met the family at the Kualoa Ranch for the Ka'a'wa School Warm Christmas Night program. It was so much fun. Eve's hula halau performed that night several times...our favorite being Silent Night. The A+ after school kids performed too. It was adorable!! Then it was home to bake more and get teacher gifts ready for the last day of school before winter break!

Yesterday, CRH mailed another round of packages for me. He was off Tuesday through Thursday which was awesome as it afforded me the opportunity to get way more accomplished. Eve had her school party and she's officially off until January 5th (pray for my sanity). I worked so that I could be off with her today for Furlough Friday....grrr. Then last night, it was back to the ranch for her Hula Christmas Party. It was another fun night! I came home and collapsed in a heap of exhaustion. I slept for 10 hours last night and I'm as good as new today!
I started reading Pretty in Plaid last night - Jen Lancaster's 4th book - HILARIOUS!! I started laughing so hard that I'm afraid it may be banned from being read in bed at night. I'm taking it the beach in a few minutes where I plan to sit and relax as long as Eve will allow.

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