Saturday, December 5, 2009

Plan B

I had the best of intentions today when I decided to take Eve into town for the City of Lights, but almost immediately upon exiting the H1 I realized this was a BAD plan. Oh holy mother, the traffic was HORRIFIC. There were zero parking spots, the roads were closed off for the parade, people were acting like idiots, and after I blew my horn repeatedly at an old man and then had very unpleasant words for him...I decided the event was done. Any holiday spirit I had going into this event, which is hard with it being 80 degrees and all, was LONG gone after 30 minutes of sitting in stand still traffic. When I announced that we were going home, tears started but seriously there was NO parking and I don't know my way around town enough to have parked and walked but so far or I would have ended up with the hookers in Chinatown.
Plan B worked though! We left the godforsaken city and went to Kaneohe. Kaneohe threw up a cute light display last weekend and we stopped and took some pics and walked around that. I promised next Sunday that we would go to Ala Moana after CRH gets off and see Santa and then go see the Honolulu lights. Plan B also included Gingerbread Pancakes at IHOP...YUM!! We walked around the mall and she spent her Halloween money from her grandparents on a Hello Kitty Christmas doll. She ended up quite happy with Plan B, thankfully because I'm pretty sure otherwise I'd be the WORST parent in the universe!

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