Friday, December 11, 2009

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Thy leaves are so know why?? It's a Norfolk Pine and it doesn't shed needles! It also needs to be watered like once between now and Christmas! The only drawback is that it doesn't smell like a Christmas tree. I guess you can't have it all, but this is close enough for me!
Yesterday I went to Wahiawa and picked our tree from Helemano Tree Farm. They are awesome! Their prices are cheaper than the imported fir trees and supposedly this is a much more environmentally friendly way b/c they cut the trees from the top and the tree continues to grow, as opposed to chopping down the whole tree. Who knows? It was cheaper and I think they are kind of cool looking. The kid that went into the field was VERY patient with me while I played the tree hunting game. When I picked the one I wanted (after a very reasonable amount of time for me), he cut it down with a knife! I came home to CRH dressed like this and ready to bring in the tree.

We decorated it and I realized (with a little help from CRH) what a total control freak I am...poor Eve. Bless the child's heart...I know MOST mothers let their kids decorate the tree sans criticism, but I'm an OCD nut job that must have the ornaments spaced correctly and not clumped. I'll try harder next year to just go with it and let her do more...really, I will (next year). Overall, she seemed happy with the outcome and I let her move a few around today. If you are a control freak too, please tell me so that I feel a tiny bit better. If you are the parents that let your kids decorate the whole tree and every single ornament you own is clumped front and center where your kid stood, I don't want to hear about it. ;)

Tonight we went to the Haleiwa Christmas parade. It was so MUCH easier to do than the Honolulu one! By that I mean, I didn't give up when I saw traffic. I was able to drive into town and easily find a parking spot and an obstructed parade viewing spot. It was very cute - bands, "floats", lights, Santa. It was so weird watching a Christmas parade though in 80 degree weather!! There were no coats, scarves, and gloves but lots of tank tops, shorts, and sandals. Santa wore an Aloha shirt on the back of the Dole Pineapple float...too cute. Mele Kalikimaka!


Anonymous said...

Lovely tree Amy!
We don't have many up here in north Florida but in south Florida they're all over the place. My mother-in-law had a gigantic one in her front yard for years till the hurricane a few years back damaged it so badly it had to be cut down. We were all so sorry to see it go...

Amy said...

They are super cool! I love it as our Christmas tree this year!