Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One of THE Best Beach Days

Today started out with CRH's back hurting and Eve not wanting to go to the beach. I decided that it was gorgeous out, so I was hitting the beach...with or without them. I headed to Pipeline because the waves were up and I wanted to watch some surfers. I did this for a while and then CRH said he was feeling better and wanted to join me. They asked to go to my happy place that I found a few weeks ago.
We headed up to Haleiwa to Papa'iloa Beach. CRH suggested that we go for a walk after we got there, as he's not one for just laying on the beach and relaxing. I'm sooo glad I said yes. We walked along the beach and saw super cool lava against the ocean. It has formed a huge barrier between the water and the sand at one point that is like 6.5 ft tall. It's really pretty. We saw lots of crabs and birds along it. We also saw a fossil shell...I thought this was super cool. CRH and Eve not as much... but I mean how often do you see fossils?? The BEST part though was when we came across the Lost set!! I knew it was along that beach!! They have it all roped off with orange netting and a security guard, but you can practically reach out and touch it.

There was a couple there looking at the set too. They were apparently pretty chatty and CRH talked them up for a while. He's a big fan of the show and was pretty stoked to be seeing all of this. As they chatted, I walked down the beach and came up on a sea turtle!!! I may or may not have gotten a little too close to him and he may or may not have retreated hastily back into the water...too bad for him that there were no volunteers out with the ropes.

Eve was insistent that we go back to our stuff after this. We had walked a pretty good ways. We went back and CRH got into the water. He said it felt pretty good, so I joined him. Yes people...we WERE in the ocean today. It was awesome!!!! My family and friends in NC are a little over my gloating as they sit with 6" of snow on the ground, but c'mon...paradise rules! You know you want to hear ALL about it, right?? I mean somebody is reading this thing. :)

CRH and Eve made sand angels since it is December and we are lacking in the snow...sand works. It was a super fun beach day...one of the best that we've had. We came home tonight and in order to try and resume some holiday spirit, Eve and I watched "It's a Wonderful Life". I love, love, love that movie. I also cry EVERY time I see it at the end when the angel gets his wings...CRH and Eve laughed at me (rude).

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Glad you found the beach camp Amy!