Thursday, December 3, 2009

Eddie Would Go

When we moved here last year, I kept seeing bumper stickers that read that slogan. I finally googled it because it was driving me nuts not knowing. I found out that Eddie Aikau was the 1st North Shore lifeguard (mainly Waimea Bay it seems) and he saved countless lives during his tenure. At the age of 31, he went out on what was to be a 30 day, 2,500 mile ocean voyage between the Hawaiian and Tahitian islands. The Hokule'a (double-hulled voyaging canoe) that he was sailing in developed a leak and he was lost at sea between Molokai and Lanai.
For the last 25 years, a big wave surf competition has been held in his honor. The waves have to be just right with a minimum of 40ft waves. It's only been held 7 times, but they do the ceremony annually all the same. Quicksilver took it over a few years ago and it's a pretty big production now.

The opening ceremony was today at 2pm (although I should have known not really in Hawaiian time). I took Eve out of school today at 12:30 to go. I know that seems a bit hypocritical since I'm constantly bitching about her lack of educational time, but she missed PE. Anyway it didn't start until about 3pm because Eddie's brother, who participates every year and won the first competition, came to Waimea Bay via a Hokule'a. Since this is the 25th anniversary, they did this a special tribute. Ok, so opening ceremony went like this...the invitees and alternates all gather in a circle with their boards. Prayers are said, leis handed out, surfers's a pretty interesting thing. Unfortunately, we didn't watch the whole off the beach portion b/c it was crazy crowded and Eve couldn't there wasn't much point. We listened to a lot of it and then went out on the beach to wait for the 2nd portion. After the circle, the guys all paddle out to create a circle in the water. This year they paddled out to the Hokule'a.

I'm so glad we went. They are actually predicting 40 ft waves on Monday, so there's a good chance this year's competition could run, but sadly the Hart family will be working and at school ALL day. It pains me to miss 40 ft waves...pains me. I wonder if that pain would qualify as a sick day??
I literally spent ALL day on the beach today. I dropped Eve off, came home and did a few things, then hit Pipeline at 9:45am. I wanted to go to Sunset to watch more of the O'Neill but it was crazy crowded, big waves and all. I left the beach only to eat lunch and get Eve and then headed straight to Waimea Bay, where we stayed until 5pm. It was a great day!! My poor husband ended up having to work, but he's off tomorrow so maybe they can do some fun outdoor stuff while I work.

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