Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Cookies!

I decided a few weeks ago that I was making some new stuff this year. I'm still making some of the tried and true, but it's time to shake things up a bit. CRH is protesting microwave fudge this year, which kind of ticks me off b/c it's SUPER easy and I've been making it since Jesus was a boy...but whatever, change is fine. I suppose since he makes all the money, cooks for me, and hasn't killed me yet...I can turn out some non-microwave fudge for him. I got several recipe ideas from friends on Facebook today too.
Today though was COOKIE DAY. Eve had her friend, Mia, over and since it was rainy I thought baking would be fun. I had read a recipe for Chai Eggnog Cookies in Southern Living on the beach a few weeks ago and decided that I MUST have them. I mean YUM! They are every bit as yummy as I had thought that they would be, but I don't recommend trying them until the icing is on and they are finished (or it's not quite as yum, actually a little strange...but the finished product is right on). I made these by myself b/c the girls had no interest in them, at all.
I had also decided that we were making gingerbread men this year. One of the families at Eve's Girl Scout party had made them and it put me in the mood for more. I heart gingerbread, gingerbread cookies, gingerbread lattes, gingerbread pancakes, etc. I believe that I've confessed to my love of this recently in another you guys get the idea that I'm a BIG fan. I am very proud to say that the girls totally cut and decorated them. Well, I decorated a few b/c I like to do cookies. I didn't get all OCD about it...VICTORY for Mom! They turned out so cute and they had a lot of fun making them. These are the Splenda ad version that's in all the magazines right now and they are delicious!

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