Monday, December 28, 2009

Waihe'e Falls

A few months ago I read about these falls in a tour book. I've been really wanting to go, but life happens and we've just been busy. Plus most days, I'd honestly rather be out on the beach. Yesterday though, we decided to venture out and see something new. Now I'll admit this is slightly lame, but our current obsession with Lost spawned the trip too. Everytime CRH and I watch an episode we are all about scouting where we think it was filmed. As I've mentioned, we've located quite a few locations. We were watching an episode last week though and saw a scene shot at these falls. I found a website that tells you where on the island various scenes were filmed (Oh god, I'm moments away from a chat room about this show, aren't I??)and learned that the falls in the episode were in fact the very falls that I'd been wanting to see.

I always forget that when I'm even remotely close the "jungle", I NEED to bring bug spray and most unfortunately for me...I also forgot this yesterday. The mosquitoes ate me ALIVE. Aside from that (which was really my own fault), it was a very pretty, fairly easy hike up to the falls (the end is very uphill and I found it tiring but totally worth it). We passed a few people on the trails, but we were the only people at the falls. I always love that when I find a place here and it's totally deserted. Before we moved we had the perception that Oahu was going to be totally touristy all around. There are certainly parts of the island that are tourist hell (Waikiki-uggg), but there are so many places where you are often the only soul around.


Anonymous said...

I recognize those falls from the show and from our trip to Oahu! :)
Lol...if you need any suggestions for chat boards, I can name a few... ;)
So glad you're enjoying the show!

Happy New Year!

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