Friday, October 24, 2008

Eve's 1st Report Card and The Hart Family Voted Today!

Eve was out of school yesterday and today for parent-teacher conferences...yes, I said out of school. We met with Ms. Taylor today to hear about her progress. She's doing great...talks too much (gets that from her Daddy)...but otherwise is doing very well. She's doing great in Math in the hell that happened is a mystery!

She goes to the Pumpkin Patch on Tuesday. I so wanted to go, but only one parent gets to go and since I waited until the last minute to speak wasn't me. I think she's ready after 5 years of preparations to pick out the perfect pumpkin. If you have ever once picked out a pumpkin (or a Christmas tree) with me, you know it's a tedious task and I have to look at every single one and make sure that it's the MOST perfect one...CRH hates it. He's probably thrilled that her class is going and he's off the hook this year.

After the conference, the Hart Family went to the mall and participated in early voting. Why stand in line on election day? Eve went in with me and we discussed who was on the ballot and I showed her where I voted. Any guesses on who we voted for?? :) I was watching CNN at work the other day and I was shocked to hear the number of people that are still undecided. How are you undecided this close to the election...seriously??

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