Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Best Field Trip Ever

Eve has apparently become a field trip connoisseur this week...she's been on two. Monday the entire school went to see Te Vaka at BYU. Yesterday, she went to the Pumpkin Patch. I picked her up from Nancy's after school and she informed me that the Pumpkin Patch was 'the best field trip ever'. Sometimes it's hard to get info out of her about things she did at school...not so with this one. I heard a blow by blow of the trip, how she selected her pumpkin, how she wanted a white one but they were gross, how the hay ride went, how two groups missed the hay ride but not her, what she ate for lunch and was hilarious. She loved riding the bus too...thought that was very cool.
After school, we came home and went to the North Shore to see some of the huge waves. CRH estimated that they are 10-15 feet right now. They were some of the biggest waves I've ever seen and they aren't even at their peak yet!!
Then, we went to a Halloween party at the Kahuku library. They had face painting, chicken skin stories, and snacks. Eve had fun...deemed it a much better time than the Haunted Hayride!

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