Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hawaii Friends

Eve and I went sailing today to the Kaneohe Sand Bar with Wally and Duke the Wonderdog. It was awesome. I love being out there. A lot of people go out there on the weekends and drop anchor. They float around, grill (seriously), fish, play volleyball (saw it for myself), and just hang out...all in the middle of the bay on a strip of exposed sand. We saw a pirate today, or rather this lady dressed in a pirate costume kayaking around in the bay. We saw a guy catch a stingray and a baby hammerhead shark today in the boat next to us (and yes, I still got in!). Tonight we went to dinner with Khristy and Tracey...Eve adores them...she actually adores all of our friends here and gets ticked if I see any of them when she's in school.

It is so nice to have people around that you know care about you and your family. I had that in abundance at home and I think I took it for granted...I just assumed that y'all would love us. Now that we are here on this island separated by land and sea from you guys, it's nice to start building it here too.

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