Monday, October 27, 2008

The Haunted Hayride

I am typing this sitting in the living room with the AC on. It is so hot here right now...mostly because there are NO trade winds at the moment. It does NOT feel like Halloween. Don't get me not complaining...I'm just saying it's not what I'm used to with fall weather.
Anyway, we took Eve on a Haunted Hayride tonight with Knristy and Tracy. We thought it would be fun and she might enjoy it. I'm not sure why...take a 5 year old kid and put them out in the dark where things are jumping out and scaring them...I believe we had a lapse in judgement. Eve rode most of the ride with her face in her shirt begging to go home. After the ride, she said the scariest part was the lawn mower thingy...she was referring to the chainsaw. In our defense, there were other kids there...young ones too. CRH is sleeping in her room tonight to ward off any evil spirits. I hope we haven't done permanent damage.

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