Friday, October 3, 2008

The Glove Finally Fits and Other Randomness

It looks like 13 years after he was acquitted for a crime that he clearly committed, a jury has convicted OJ! Hot Damn! I hope this gives the Goldman family some MUCH needed peace. get what you give. I think we all knew his time would come.

Onto happy news and news that actually concerns my life...Eve and I had a fun "touristy" day. We went to lunch at Turtle Bay with Wally and then Eve and I toured the North Shore some. We took lots of pictures for a current project of mine. I have no idea if, where, or when this project will culminate into something, but I'm working on it.

We stalked the sea turtles, watched one go back into the sea, watched surfers and kite surfers, had shave ice, and finished with sunset. It was spectacular tonight, but then again I think they all are.

On a note about the shave ice, there is a place in Haleiwa that ALWAYS has a line out of the door and around the building...every single time I go by there. People apparently come from around the globe for shave ice at a place that begins with Matsu and ends in moto. Today there was NO line, so we stopped. I don't see what all the fuss is not my fave. I got pineapple and it was blue. I have not seen the blue pineapple yet, maybe I'm missing something. I am a big fan of the Haleiwa General Store's shave ice which is ridiculously inexpensive and/or free with a purchase. Their pineapple is yellow, as it should be.

Kitty is still here...I guess that happens when you continue to feed an animal...duh.

I talked to CRH today on his way to visit his Grandma Collins in Florida. Incidentally, she is one of my favorite relatives on his side. That woman will tell you just like it is...whether you want to know it or not. I love people like that. He said that his Aunt Sandy has called his Aunt Betty to report that Jamie (CRH's cousin and Betty's daughter) is holding Grandma hostage. I suspect some funny stories will come from this visit. Grandma Collins moved in with Jamie not too long ago. We think this is a great idea due to health concerns and her living alone previously, but apparently Sandy disagrees.

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