Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Medical Hysteria

I have strep throat...again. I have had horrible allergies since birth I guess, but since moving here...nothing. I am no longer even taking ANY allergy medicine. This is quite remarkable for someone that has been on shots, pills, and sprays for years (literally). The flip side to this is that I keep getting other strep throat. I just had it a few weeks ago when my parents were here. Monday night I started feeling it again and was up a lot Monday night. It sucked last time and I didn't want to go through that pain again. So, I called yesterday and made an appt. to see the Dr. so that I didn't let it go like I did last time. I went yesterday afternoon to the Dr. and I get a list of bored questions. He's asking me things in a certain tone like "So, you just started feeling a sore throat last night?", "Are you coughing (or having ANY other symptoms)?", etc. He does the obligatory listening to my chest (which sounds fine). He then tells me he's going to look into my throat...all still sounding very bored. I open up and he goes "WHOA! You really have only been hurting since last night? It's so red in there!". I suddenly felt very vindicated and like maybe, just maybe I wasn't wasting his precious 10 minutes of time.
So, this morning I log onto my CNN homepage to see a headline claiming 'Strep throat leads to amputation of legs'...feeling even better about my decision to rush into the doctor. I'm tempted to send him this article.

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RZAS Wife said...

I used to get strep a lot as a kid. Over this summer, I had a horrible case of it three days before we were going to the beach. I felt so bad!!!!!!! My doctor gave me some kind of ultra antibiotics and it kicked it out super fast.

Hope you're feeling better soon!