Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Like Saying Her Name

Christropher got home early yesterday, which was very nice. We actually had more than an hour to see each other! We even got to talk about things, like the upcoming election. I'm going to out him a little here and say that before me, CRH did not vote. He had an opinion, but did not vote. So, we are driving in the car yesterday to lunch and here's our conversation.

Me: "Who do you think you are going to vote for Mayor?"
CRH: "Kobayashi"
Me: "Why is that?" (Fully expecting some rational ideals on what she stands for...etc)
CRH: "Because I like saying her name."
Me: Well, what I said next wasn't very nice, so I won't repeat it...OMG, the scary thing was he was actually serious about it and the reason!!

Moving on...we went sailing with Wally and Duke last night. It was a full moon and the sand bar was exposed enough to build a fire and roast marshmallows. We stood on a piece of sand in the middle of the bay and roasted freaking cool is that? We loved it. The only downside, it poured on the way out and on the way back in...but it stopped while we were actually out there. It was too cloudy to see the moon, but we didn't mind. Have I told you guys lately how much I LOVE it here??


Anonymous said...

I'd love to say that Amy is using a little poetic license--indulging in an exercise in fiction. The truth is, I love saying her name. Kobayashi. It's very satisfying. Go ahead and try it. Kobayashi. You liked it didn't you? What she didn't mention is that she has no opinion because she hasn't paid attention to the mayoral race which is very important since it is sorta' the "governor" of the entire island. I, at least, know the names of both candidates and know which one i like saying better.

Amy said...

I know the names of both candidates...thank you very much. I just don't have an opinion on it.