Friday, October 17, 2008

Princess Party

OMG...I just dropped my kid off at her 1st away from Mommy party! She was invited to Ruby's birthday party this evening (our next door neighbor) so she is there and I'm here...all of 20 ft away! I have never dropped her off at a party before. This must start the age of it, huh?
She has been very independent lately...wants to do it all by herself. She just upgraded her table and chair set to a real desk she thinks she's big stuff!
The desk is another story...I need to stop buying furniture that requires really ticks CRH off...big time. I'm sorry looks great and she super loves it!

Eve came home twice for crazy reasons all before 6:15pm and asked me to go back with her the 2nd time. She was having a great time, but apparently missed the parental presence. I was sort of happy on the inside...I know I shouldn't be...but I was.

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