Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall Break

Eve has been out of school all week for fall break, but don't think we have been lazing around the house! She has been at Sea Life Park every day as a Junior Trainer and she has LOVED it! She has met and talked to all the animal trainers, swam with and touched the stingrays twice, seen all of the shows, visited the touch pool like a trillion times, and today we get to go watch her have a Dolphin Encounter where she kisses, dances with, and touches a dolphin. She did this for her birthday, but we were in the water with this time we get to actually watch exciting!

I have killed much time this week hanging out on that side of the island as to not drive 4 hours a day. Today, I decided that I was exhausted though and needed to come home while she frolicked. I was going to the beach, but I laid out ALL day on Wednesday and burned the crap out of myself. Tuesday was a particularly fun day for me though, as I traveled around that side of the island taking some photos. I finally found the Halona Blowhole, which is so cool. Here's a photo of it.

Essentially (that's a shout out to Bourke), water comes into this lava tube when a wave rolls in and shoots up through this hole. It's so freaking cool. I'm taking Eve there today after her Dolphin Encounter experience.

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