Saturday, May 31, 2008

One small step for Eve; one giant leap for Mommy

You all know what a neurotic nutjob I am about her, right? Today we went to the beach b/c we have actually had a little bit of a tough week (i hear the sympathy already!) here this week with shots, driver's license stuff, and car registration I decided I needed some relaxation at the beach. Plus on the weekends, there are usually families and other kids out. We went around the bay to Punalu'u and there was a little girl (probably around 7) playing in the surf. Eve is so desperate for playmates that we did not even set our stuff down before she was asking this kid to play...literally. They played very nicely in the sand for quite a while building castles and stuff and then the other kid wanted to get into the water. I had previously told Eve that if she had her life jacket on (which we put on immediately upon setting foot on the sand) that she could go in a little bit. My kid swam all over the surf with this little girl...there were periods were she was probably 20-30ft from me!! I was amazed as her comfort level with the ocean hasn't been great. Some of you are probably gasping at my lack of responsibility but 1)There are very few waves here in the summer, not like the Atlantic at all (ocean is more like a lake right now). and 2) This other kid was a good swimmer and her older brothers were also in the water.
I was so proud of us.

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