Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm getting a sister wife

As some of you have heard, we are moving June 10th. We are moving to Laie, which is approximately 13 minutes north of Kaaawa. It is where ALL the Mormons live. Yep, they are all there in this little town. We are moving to what I will lovingly refer to as the compound across from the Polynesian Cultural Center. This center rocks by the way...we are annual pass members now...a few weeks ago we took Eve to see the World Fireknife Championship here. It was awesome! A kid that was like 17 won...very impressive stuff. Anyway, not the point of the story. The compound houses 3 structures...2 units that are duplexes and 1 ocean front house. We will be living in one of the duplexes, obviously. One of the duplex units is set up for long term rentals and the other three units are vacation rentals. I have decided to embrace the vacationers...we have met several very nice people that were here just visiting...so I'm going with it. The compound is gated and we have a fenced in back yard on top of that...this will be great for Eve! There are many other pluses to this.
1. Cheaper rent!
2. Ocean front...we are 80 ft back in the compound from our beach...we are across the st. from the ocean now and about a mile from a good access point.
3. Larger living space (Kitchen and Dining Rm)
4. Garage for storage which I desperately need since I packed 48 boxes to live in a furnished house...this created a little marital discord as it added $2000 to our move...but he seems to be over it right now.
5. A/C - you apparently need it in the summer when the tradewinds cease!
6. I can screw with the Mormons!! :) No, seriously they tend to be really nice people.
The drawbacks are:
1. Lack of view from our house - you have to walk the 80 ft to see it...oh, well.
2. We don't have a pool anymore - drawback for Eve...not us...we have a very secluded beach access now!
3. It is 13 more minutes that my poor, sweet husband has to drive.
4. Because it is Mormon-town...I have to drive a mile to buy alcohol...it is NOT sold at my local Foodland...can you stand it??
5. One less bathroom and the guest room is now a sleeper sofa in the living room or Eve's bedroom.
For some of you that thought I may be jumping the gun by moving so soon, they have scheduled a home inspection Thursday on this place...someone must be pretty serious about buying it!
If you want to see the new place, check out the website.
We are Cottage 2 and our new address is as follows:
55-323 Kamehameha Hwy Unit 2
Laie, HI 96762

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