Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Decline of Western Civilization

My mama thinks this is due to "The Simpsons". She hates Bart Simpson with an absolute passion...almost close to how much she hates the Democratic party. It's shocking actually how much she hates the little yellow guy. Well, I feel this way about home video game systems. I think that our kids are fat and lazy and never go outside because they are too busy sitting mouth wide opened on the couch playing a freaking Xbox. My ONE exception to this is the Wii. I think it's great because it actually gets your ass off the couch and some of the games are pretty physical (at least my fitness level). That being said...I have been lobbying for a Wii for about a year and a half.
CRH borrowed a Wii from a friend a while back. I thought it was stupid at first and went on some rant about the decline of our society and how we were not getting I better not come back from my girl's weekend to find the Hart family in ownership of said game console. Not to worry...CRH was not particularly enamored by it. Once I got home and saw it in action, I changed my opinion somewhat and had hoped he would want one so I could actually have a suitable idea for the next gift giving occasion. I thought working at Target where shipments are still limited and they are rarely in stock would push him to want one...nope. I thought when his best friend got one...that would be my ticket...nope. I finally gave up.
Yesterday I get a call around 12:45 from my dear husband inquiring about my location. I had taken Eve to Hula lessons and then we had gone to Starbucks and Kaneohe Bakery. He informed me he had a surprise for me. I assumed it was a new handbag or a clothing item since he works for Banana Republic, but wondered to myself if he was actually brave enough to buy me clothing at this point in my everlasting battle with my weight. (I have actually lost a lot...but it is still a subject he steers clear of at all cost and this week I have been on a chocolate frenzy!)
He refused to tell me what the surprise was...very uncharacteristic...he usually caves. I hurried home, as much as one can going 35mph everywhere! Into the house I walked and there on the coffee table was my brand new, shiny Wii! It seems CRH was worried about me getting bored and starting a blog....and then I did that and he freaked! :) BUT isn't that the sweetest thing ever?? Who knew I would get so excited over a video game?? We stayed up last night playing for hours! I freaking love it!

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