Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I have a job interview on Thursday!

I was totally not planning on working full time here at all (especially not until Eve starts school July 28th)...but you know how some things just come to be? This is something that has come to be. As part of my unemployment claim requirements (yep, i applied and am awaiting eligibility approval), I have to apply for 2 jobs per week. So, one of the jobs I applied for is a Program Specialist with Kamehameha Schools. This job (best I can tell) works with kids in grades 7-12 providing mentoring and career counseling....which is funny b/c I have NO idea what I want to be when I grow up....but Tony seems to think I could help others based upon my resume and charm and wit in our emails back and forth setting up this interview. So, why not? If I were ever to decide to go back to school (fat chance), I would want to get a masters degree that would allow me to be a guidance counselor...this is probably as close as I will get to this b/c I honestly have zero desire to go back after my initial 7 year stint. It would be a limited one year position (someone must be out on sabbatical or it's a grant position) and the pay would probably allow me to not work the next year (or at least work very comfortably at a part-time level). Of course, there is always the possibility that Tony will not be charmed by me in person...but what are the odds? :)

For an Eve Hart update...the child has learned to make her bed!! I told her this am to go in and make it...she has helped me once...and it looked perfect. I mean freaking perfect...like I had done it. I was shocked...then I found out Nanna had helped her learn this skill when she stayed there last month...thanks Nanna!!
And in other news...she will be starting hula lessons on Saturday. She is so completely excited about this!

CRH appears to be hiring an Associate Manager very soon. He has his District Manager in town starting tomorrow...I will probably see him again Saturday afternoon...but once he gets someone hired, he may actually get a day off!

So, that's the latest and greatest in the Hart Family update. Oh, I got a new Digital SLR 10MP camera for my birthday/Mother's Day and it came a few days ago! It rocks!! Pictures will be coming soon!

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Mom to 3 girls said...

Awesome news about the job interviews! I hope it goes well!

You'll have to tell me more about your camera. I'm trying to talk Paul into getting one asap....well before our Target discount runs out!