Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oh how I hate a cubby...

So I went to this interview today...which I thought was going to be my answer to a guidance counselor job without having to actually go to school...well, it's not. I would sit in a cube farm all day and plan service projects for the kids involved in this program to do mainly on the, no thanks. I had high hopes of being in the school and actually doing career counseling, but alas Tony must not think I'm that qualified. I will know next week or the following week if I got the job...but I'm really not into it. He said the word "cubicle" and I was out.
I had 2 contacts yesterday regarding other jobs. One is for The Crouching esteemed restaurant position...hopefully bartender! I go to that one next Thursday. The other is for a company that provides outreach in the community educating people with info on Medicaid and the benefits that come with this. It's a time limited contract position from June 18th to about Sept. or Oct. and I could work from home when I'm not out in the community. It would also allow me day trips to the other islands! So, we shall see...that could be a good economic boost (albeit short term) for the Hart house, but I would so much rather bartend.
Eve told me last night that I can only work a little half a day...but Dad can work all he needs. The kid has apparently figured out where our money comes from.
We are going to Laie today to register her for school in what will be our new home community starting next month. I think I'm going to still try to have her go to Kaaawa Elementary School because they have a little better rating on the website, but there is something to be said for going to school where you live. Then, we are headed to the beach for the afternoon! Guess what? It's 82 and sunny today! :)

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