Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's so hard being a Mom sometimes!

Today was the school check-up day. It sucked...the new Dr. (Dr. Smith) is a lovely woman...that part was great. She gave me some good advice on the eating thing and said that Eve looks healthy and great and we should stop freaking out so much at meal times. Same exact thing our other Dr. has said to me for years...but I still seem to fret over meal time...we need to chill. Ok, so we get through this part and we are told that Eve has to have 3 shots and a TB skin test! YIKES!! Eve already knew she would have to have the skin test and probably at least one shot...we were not counting on three! We get into the nurse's station and she's sitting on my lap and of course starts screaming before the 1st needle even comes close to her tiny, baby arm. I am trying to be encouraging, but I always cry when she gets shots too. I'm not sure why...I'm not being stuck...but it kills me to see her hurting...even for a good cause. She is just trying to fold herself into me and not give her arms and legs up to being stuck...oh, how I hate this part of being a parent. For some reason, I'm ALWAYS the one that goes too...I think CRH went to a shot appt. once and for the record...he was home this morning! Now in his slight defense, I had an appt. this morning too for a it didn't make sense for us all to go...I guess. We went to Cold Stone Creamery aferwards for some ice cream comfort...for both of us! I hope it is a long time before she needs more shots (I'm sure she feels much the same)!!

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