Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Time to Adjust My Mainland Thinking

Today Eve and I finished up some postcards to send to her friends and since postage just went up again...I needed to go to the post office in order to mail them. Off we go at 4:30pm to the local post office here in Kaaawa...which to my surprise was closed! The hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8am-12pm and 1pm-3:45pm and Sat. 9am-12pm. Seriously?? What post office in the universe 1)Closes for lunch and 2)Isn't open until 5pm? whatever...I can deal with this...then I take Eve to sunset. Now, we all know Amy went to Amsterdam for the death of her I am not judging when I relay this next story...I'm just saying I need to adjust my thinking. They say drug use is rampant on these here islands and I'm coming to find out that is very true. I think our local restaurant, Uncle BoBo's, has a strict policy in that they won't hire you unless you are high. I have yet to go in when the staff wasn't. So back to tonight, I am sitting on the beach with my kid, eating Subway, watching the sunset (our favorite evening thing to do) when I smell what is unmistakeably pot. There is a fairly large (10+) group behind us in the parking lot...smoking, listening to music, and watching the sunset. I mean all ages...probably 40-20 year olds...I have to say it was a little odd...made more so when Eve said "I smell a smell...what is it Mommy?". didn't see the 4 year old sitting like 20ft in front of you before you thought to light up...really? It probably never crossed his stoned mind.
Now, I'm not complaining (ok, I did complain some about the post office thing) and I'm not judging (ok,ok maybe I did a little about the people getting high in front of my kid)...but mainly just saying things are a little different here.

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