Tuesday, May 20, 2008


We've got 'em...even a baby one. CRH noticed the 1st one (Fred) shortly after moving in. Now, Fred seems to have moved in with the fam. We are all cool with this, as geckos serve a very important function...they eat bugs which we also have a lot of here in Hawaii. Eve is fascinated by the geckos. They make this little noise that I cannot describe, but they are pretty cool overall.

Another thing that we have that also eats bugs are cane spiders. I HATE these...I hate all spiders and feel that all spiders should die regardless of any bug eating favors that they may be doing for me but I really, really hate these monsters. I have killed one...CRH has killed 2 in the few short weeks that we have been here. OHMIGOD they are BIG (seriously) and NASTY looking, but apparently not harmful to humans except that they may send me into cardiac arrest. The one I killed was in Eve's bathroom...of course she spotted it...so I had to act on it and not just vacate the premises until CRH returned from work. I killed it in a shrieking, cursing fit which I am sure was quite a sight- all the while with our front door wide open. Then I left the house and called my parents to talk to them about it for like 15 minutes each- it was that traumatic. A friend of ours said these are the same spiders that they used in Arachnophobia...as you can imagine I did not catch this flick...so I have no idea the truthfulness of this claim...but they suck.

If only Fred and the fam liked to munch on cane spiders....we would be golden!

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