Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hula Lessons

I just realized in my excitement over the Wii I had missed updating you all on hula lessons. I called last week to enroll Eve since our car was officially here. I found three places that teach keiki (Hawaiian for child) I signed her up with one in Kaneohe. Kaneohe is the closest bigger town (grocery, restaurants, mall, movie theater, etc. are all here). A Japanese man runs this one and he informed me to bring her Saturday for a trial run to see how she liked it before enrolling her. I did just that and the jury is out.
Eve had visions of Lilo and Stitch running in her sweet little head and thought she would get a grass skirt upon entry to the class and would be swaying her hips side to side and waving her arms slowly...not how it goes in reality at all.
In future classes, if there are any, I will not be allowed to watch. I can wait outside or come back...but I did get to see the 1st one. It is very physical! They do a lot of stretching and exercising. She was paired with Mia, a little girl of about 8 years old. Mia is adorable and apparently pretty adept at Hula. She informed me that they exercise a lot and in the future I will want to bring water and maybe a snack for Eve. Who knew? I never took water and snack to ballet. So, Eve really hung in there. It was very physical and they all chanted some things in Hawaiian from notebooks and then from memory, which I think really intimidated her. I tried to explain that it was her 1st lesson and no one expected her to know this...but I'm not sure she wants to go back yet.

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