Sunday, June 1, 2008

Willie Nelson

Here's a funny story if you know my Dad. I put in the 16 greatest hits CD on the way to the grocery store tonight. Eve didn't choose it, therefore she wasn't happy about it. She said "I don't like this music, Mom." (Now she actually does...but was just being her stubborn self.) In an effort to get her to get over it, I said "Papaw loves Willie Nelson and he would probably cry if he heard you say that." To which she replied, "Mama, I can assure you that Papaw does NOT cry".

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Nonni said...

Did she SEE him when she left on April 30th???!! I can assure HER that Papaw does indeed cry!!!

Sorry about your driving test!! I think you and Eve need HELMETS when you go to the beach---50 mph coconuts sound lethal!!