Friday, September 5, 2008

The Big C

So, let me preface this blog entry by saying that I am PMSing like crazy today. I have eaten everything in sight and finished a book while sobbing on the beach...seriously. BTW, the book is entitled The Friday Night Knitting Club...highly recommend it if you are chick book...also relevant to the issue at hand here as well. That's all I will say as to not give away any plot info.
As if this was not enough, I took Eve to sunset tonight at Waimea Bay. She has been wanting to go there we went tonight. It was beautiful and amazing as Hawaiian sunsets are and I was thankful in those moments to have the opportunity to live here. Sunset usually makes me a little emotional too...even without the PMS.
Then I came home and watched the Stand Up to Cancer special simultaneously broadcast on the three major networks (!) and cried some more (especially when they showed the kids), what a show. I then hauled my butt off the couch and went to their website and made a donation. I hope you will all do the same...seriously. I also hope that you will all seek regular medical care and participate in early detection by utilizing fun filled tools like mammograms and colonoscopies...seriously. Go get a prostate exam if you are male. We lost my uncle to cancer a few years ago. My grandfather survived multiple types of cancer over the years (and this was in the 1960s!). My mom's cousin was just diagnosed with prostate cancer last week. I bet each of you can say similar things. We all know someone that has been diagnosed it seems. It is a major epidemic and I was thrilled to see this special received such amazing coverage! Now, go donate...the website is 4000 people are diagnosed every day in this country. If your day comes, don't you want to know that money is being donated to research and that a cure is being worked on? I do.


CRH said...

would it be crass to ask how much we donated, beautiful, pms'ing, caring, pms'ing, compassionate, pms'ing, wife?

Amy said...

Yes, it would be...but I will tell you that it was a whopping $50...which is less than what you seemingly spent on dinner last night...dear.