Tuesday, September 30, 2008

School Pictures

I got them back yesterday...I was so excited about them...her very 1st school picture...I hate them. She missed the 1st photo day when we were on the Big Island, which means she's not in the class photo, but when I booked the trip I didn't know about picture day. So, they had make up day a few weeks ago and she went looking very cute and then I got these pictures back. She still looks cute (although she's making sort of an odd face) but her hair is all over the place. Of course, you prepay for them...NOT loving it. I'm sure I'll look back on them fondly one day...just not today.

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Nonni said...

Don't re-do those pictures. The cutest one I ever got of Sam was at day care when he was about 2 years old. I had missed all the promos about pictures or something and took him in a little white turtleneck and some sweat pants. Dreaded getting them back until I saw they had put him on a carousel pony and he looked like a little sentinel. Still one of my faves of him at 25!!