Monday, September 1, 2008

My Anniversary Gift

My new camera lens arrived today! I am so freaking excited! My parents left this afternoon and Eve was sort of glum (as expected), so I decided that we would go home via the turtle beach and she could take some pictures. Eve has decided that my "old" camera is now hers...I am questioning this decision, but so far she's taking really good care of it and is taking some mighty fine pictures I might add and this also provides some interest for her at the turtle beach. Previously, she was losing interest in the turtles if you can this has renewed her minimal enthusiasm over them again...fortunately for me...small price to pay really.

SO, we get to the turtle beach and I expect today to be the day when they are all out to sea, but I was very wrong. I was rewarded with 6 turtles on the beach...6 of them!!! Five of them were all together in one area (which is super rare) and the other was off about 20 ft from them. It was AWESOME! As promised, here is a VERY close photo of the turtle's nose. I LOVE MY NEW LENS!!

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