Thursday, September 25, 2008


I realized tonight that I have been watching this show for 14 years. It started the year I graduated from high school...holy shit. All of my adult life has revolved around Thursday nights...NBC. I have an odd emotional attachment to it. Now, it's the last season and I'm so sad. I watch ENTIRELY too much TV...I know this. This is the ONLY TV show that can and has for many years made me cry. I was crying like a baby tonight watching the freaking season premiere. I won't say who died, just in case you recorded it and haven't watched it yet, but I'm hating it. They do death scenes really well...I remember sobbing when Dr. Marc Greene died and when Dr. Carter's baby died and when...well, you get the point.


Mom to 3 girls said...

I've been watching ER since the first season..I just can't let it go...I haven't watched last nights yet though..

RZAS Wife said...

I've watched every single episode too! And I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed on Thursday. I may be cold and dead inside but ER makes me cry like no other show out there!