Thursday, September 25, 2008

Eve Hart Update

Eve is moving along nicely in Kindergarten...the friend issue is MUCH better and she comes home daily talking about kids she DID play with instead of those that were mean. Although, her relationship with Meghan is horribly inconsistent and one day they are BFFs and the next they hate each other...I think Eve may be a teenager trapped in a small body.

Ok, so here is the EXCITING news! I, without her knowledge, scheduled her for a Junior Trainer week at Sea Life Park (where we went for her birthday) the week of Fall break. There were only 40 spaces and I wasn't sure she would get in. I still haven't received anything in writing yet, BUT they charged our card today...I'm assuming that means she got in!!! She is going to be so freaking excited! I'm waiting until I actually have something in writing about it to tell her. It will be a LOT of driving for Mommy, but somethings are worth it and really...what else am I doing?

CRH leaves Friday for 11 days to go to Florida! He has a Gap conference and then he's going to visit Grandma Collins for a few days. We are taking him to the airport and then I am taking Eve to the Doodlebops Concert. She hears things from her friends now, that's how this got started. She came home one day aghast that they were coming and I had not mentioned it...truthfully I was intentionally NOT mentioning it, because I didn't want to go...but I have felt kind of bad lately because we seem to be yelling a lot at her and thought this might divert her some from CRH leaving.

In dance news, she went to a Progression/Jazz dance class yesterday and loved that's where she's going to stay for a while. I would like for her to move into Tap at a later date, because I think it would be fun, but she's shown very little interest in it. I'd be all over those shoes if I were 5.

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Mom to 3 girls said...

Emma is the same way about her school day she loves them the next they were all mean. Must be a Kindergarten girl thing...