Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pipeline and Eagle Rays

We woke up today and went to the beach. I love my life...really. We went to Ehukai Beach, better known as the Banzai Pipeline. It's a nice beach but the waves were pretty big. I understand that this is the mecca for surfers, but I wasn't expecting them to be quite so big so soon...I was expecting bigger waves next month. Anyway, it was nice...CRH had fun playing in the waves...which meant I could stay at the beach for a long time (which always makes me happy). We are sitting there and a crowd gathered down from us a ways. There were a lot of guys surfing, so we thought maybe some big name surfer was out...not that we would know any of them...but CRH went to check it out. No big name surfers to our knowledge, but there were 2 HUGE Eagle Rays swimming a few feet out. I didn't have my new lens...damn it...but here's a picture. It was pretty cool! After the beach, we got to talk to my parents on the web cam and then our friends Khristy and Tracy came over for dinner. Sundays rule!

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