Monday, September 29, 2008

Pink is NOT our favorite color...

when it's in our eye!! Eve and I woke up today with a little stuff in our eyes. They were also a little swollen. I thought it was allergy, dosed us up on allergy meds, and went on with the day. I sent her to school and I went to work. My eye cleared up and the swelling went away.
I picked Eve up from Nancy's after I got off from work and she had major, icky eye crap...huge hunks of stuff in the poor kid's eyes...both of them. So, Nancy tells me that she's been complaining about them this afternoon (no freaking wonder!) and that she'd been to the school nurse twice today. She went once for her ear, which apparently was feeling better at this time. The 2nd visit was for her eyes...seriously, no one thought to call me at either of these locations?? I'm a's not like I can't leave work. I get home and I'm freaking out and call the Dr. and decide to take her to the after hours clinic downtown, where sure enough they confirm it's Pink Eye. They also told me it's likely that I have it too and that we can share drops (really??). On top of that, she has another ear infection...I love Hawaii, but I think it may be trying to kill us...we have NEVER been to the Dr. this much...ever.
I came home tonight with said drops and an antibiotic for the ear infection and I thought I was going to meet major opposition with the drops. I got out the candy for a bribe and my kid let me put those drops in each eye like a champ...I was super proud of her. I still can't let people touch my eyes and I'm 32! She ROCKS!


Nonni said...

I'm so sorry about the new eye color!! That stuff is horrible. Amy, you had that the first few days of 5th grade and missed the beginning of that year, remember?
I guess the warmer temps in HI just breed these germs. My motherly advice is just to wash your hands thoroughly about 7,000 times a day. Also, use a brush under your fingernails. Germs love it there. Eve, great job letting mommy put those drops in. They work really quickly if you can get them in there! Love you both. Nonni

Amy said...

Wow, I had forgotten that. I remembered having it, but I didn't remember the part about missing the 1st part of school.