Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dophlins, Ice Cream, and A Little Barfing

Yep, that's how my day went. I picked Eve up from school today (she gets out at 12:30pm on Wednesdays) and we met Wally to go sight seeing. He informed me yesterday at work that we really ought to get out more. Everything he asked me if I had seen on the island resulted in a "No" reply. So, he deemed today Kahala Resort Day for the dolphins and lunch on the beach. The Kahala Resort is one of the most opulent places...lord, it was pretty. They have a website that you can check out if you are curious. The resort has Dolphin Quest there, so we got to see some spinner dolphins in their lagoons feeding and such...very cool. Duke the Wonderdog came too...that dog is so good...he can really go anywhere...amazing.

After this excursion, I needed to run some errands and had told Eve that we would stop at Cold Stone Creamery. She LOVES Cold Stone. I attribute this to the mounds of it that I ate when I was pregnant. Anyway, we go in and she orders chocolate ice cream (as usual). We finished and she got up and said "Mom, I need to go to the bathroom." I informed her that I did not see one. She told me that she felt sick, so I sent her to the trashcan holding my empty container...within seconds every bit the child had eaten was right back into the empty container. It was so gross. She then skipped (literally) out of the shop and proclaimed it time to go to Long's. I was laughing my ass off.

Why would I laugh after my child just puked? Well, first off the series of events was kind of funny. I don't do barf and she was nice enough to contain it right in the cup and then right into the trash and then skip on out...sorry for the details. The second reason it was funny was because when I was a kid my dad took me to a Greensboro Hornets baseball game. We were on a limited income at that time, but he still managed to buy me an ice cream cone in a plastic ball cap. I was super excited and turned around and promptly dropped said ice cream on the ground. Well, Dad felt that there was nothing to be done but to pick it up and put it back into the hat and give it back to me. I am sure that I bitched some, but I ate it anyway. We have laughed about this many times over the years...all I could think about leaving Cold Stone was I wonder what he would have done today?

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