Thursday, September 18, 2008

Friends with Lice

In Durham, we never worried about lice. African Americans don't get lice and most of Eve's pre-school classmates were in fact black. Here on the's a whole other story. Tuesday we get a note from school saying that lice was found on a child in the class. Yuck. Yesterday, I asked Eve who was absent today and the only child absent is one of the little girls that she talks about all the time. Damn it...her friend has lice! I truly fought the instinct to tell her not to play with her anymore...I know that the very fact that I thought it makes me a horrible human being...but yuck. I didn't actually say it, so I hope it's not a reoccurring problem. My work experience with lice is that it typically is a reoccurring issue. I remember in 1st grade one of my friends had lice...but I don't remember what my parents said about it. I'm sure they didn't tell me to never play with her again, but I don't think she ever got to come back to the house. :)

In other slow news, I went to the beach yesterday for 6 hours! It was awesome...drank wine and ate crab legs right out on the beach. Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE it here?? (Well, except for the lice...but I guess that can happen anywhere.)


Nonni said...

I do not remember the first grade friend with lice. I do remember one friend who I suggested should not return when she showed up for a spend-the-night with her BULLET collection and her dad brought her in spewing racist garbage. I was appalled and would rather she have brought in lice!! Count your blessings.

Amy said...

It was a little girl named headed child. She had lice...probably the same family. :)

Mom to 3 girls said...

OMG - Lily got the very same note home yesterday!! She couldn't tell me which friend wasn't at school so I don't know who it was! Just the mere thought of lice makes my head itch. I'm trying to check Lily's head all the time withough her knowing why. I am praying we don't get it and I'll pray for you too! Uggh - see even halfway across the world we deal with the same issues!