Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Healthier Eating

We pledged when we moved here that we were going to start eating healthier. We have a little...but not really. We don't eat fast food nearly as much (mostly b/c it's not convenient) and we are trying to be more active. At this rate though, the Domino's guy and I are going to exchange Christmas cards this year...because they deliver and CRH has been closing a lot this last month. All this is changing though...CRH is fully staffed again and is not closing every night! You see...left to my own devices...dinner is a chore! I've only lost 1 lb since we moved according to the scales at the Dr. last week and we have been a lot more active...but apparently you cannot still eat candy bars and brownies and lose weight even if you are exercising minimally. Damn it!

Sam and Amy are getting married on December 20th...that's 199 days before I have to fit myself in a beautiful dress...which is also very, very fitted. I understand fully that this day is NOT about me in the least...but I also don't want to stand up on the altar with 7 or 8 other girls (all in their early 20s) bulging out of this thing. I would also like to only have on minimal control top that I can breathe and I'm pretty sure she's going to make me order said dress by I must, must, must finish the weight loss crusade that started last May. I have lost 21 lbs since last May when I started Jenny Craig, but I am going the next 25 alone with better eating and exercise...and I would like to do it by September! I was watching Oprah the other day (b/c what else do I have to do?) when I saw her and Bob Greene (who I think is a tool) talking about drastic weight loss. They had people on that had lost massive amts. of weight just by diet and exercise. Some of them had been on programs (like WW..which is also the same concept), but mostly they were doing the abovementioned things. If they can do it, why can't I? Oh yeah, I lack dedication and will power...but this event is providing me with some much needed motivation!

I am trying very hard NOT to be the mother that is always on a diet and has a 7 year old who thinks her butt looks big in her jeans. I really hate those mothers and think it's highly selfish of them to project their weight loss issues so profusely that their kids pick them up. That being said...I have caught myself heading rapidly in that direction. I doubt Eve Hart will ever have to worry about her weight, but then again I was little like that too at her age! SO, I am trying to not use the words "diet" and "fat"...instead I'm taking the approach of "This family needs to eat healthier"....b/c really who doesn't?

In SHOCKING news today, Eve Hart ate not 1, but 2 baby carrot sticks at lunch! Did you read that right?? My kid ate a carrot!!!! Two carrots!!! This is freaking huge! Those of you that have shared a meal with us know what I'm so excited about! She has actually been trying new foods. I am hoping you were all sitting when you read that one!

There will always be some form of chocolate in this house...I can't give it up totally...but we are working hard toward a healthier us! Wish us luck!!

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Mom to 3 girls said...

We wish you the best of luck on this the Potter family is very familiar with!! We highly recommend the wii fit - it is so fun and you get exercise in ways you wouldn't think. You will be smokin hot in that dress come Dec. 20!!