Thursday, June 19, 2008

An Unlikely Friendship

I have a new bff here on the island, Amy Jo. She's of the previously mentioned Amy Jo and Bruce who are buying our condo that we lived in before moving here. They are from Jersey and she's a born again Christian...really. I cannot figure out why this woman likes me...I'm loud and opinionated, I drink (and bartend!), I swear, and most of all I don't go to church. She seems to overlook all of this...maybe she's just extremely bored. CRH and I were talking the other day about why she likes me and we just don't get it...I mean we both think I'm AWESOME...but we aren't sure why she does. She's only invited me to church once, which I declined, and she has not pursued it since. Yesterday, she even went to the Dr. with me for Eve's ear infection (and subsequent ear flush). I have never had anyone go with me (except my mom), hell...CRH won't even go. She adores Eve and Eve loves her. I like her because she's sweet and kind, likes to go out and do things, and is a very positive person...maybe she's just praying for me like the rest of you. :) Bless her heart!


Cheri said...

We are glad you have made friends even if they are not as cool as us.

No, I would never sit through an extra doctor visit, but there was a time that the daycare in GSO could not reach you guys, since you were both out of town for the day with work. I took Eve and Ethan and Katherine to Dr. Boette to check out her :funky reash" as the daycare called it. That was the day I decided I did not want anymore kids. :-)

Amy said...

That's right...I had totally forgotten about rock! :) We totally miss you guys!!! We cannot wait for your visit!