Friday, June 6, 2008

Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot

Well, there is a down side to paradise it appears...staph. Eve woke up yesterday complaining about her leg. Now, my kid usually has some ailment or father, like daughter...but this didn't look right to me. It was sort of like a blister behind her knee...odd, right? So, I take her off to the Dr. for a look. It turns out that she has staph. This, along with strep and fungal infections, are quite common here in Hawaii...yippee! Dr. Smith referred to this as her "Welcome to Hawaii" skin that Mommy seems to have obtained as well. Tonight, I found a similar place on the back of my neck. Dr. Hart and I have confirmed it's pretty much the same Eve and I are putting ointment on our cooties 3x a day for 5 days. Fun times...

As it turns out, I also have to have a TB skin test for this new a bartender. Really? Ok, fine...maybe they can check out and confirm this is actually staph next week on me too, just in case Dr. Hart and I are wrong. The manager that called to offer me the job today told me about the free clinic where I can go get my TB skin test. When I told her that I have insurance and can go to my own Dr, she replied "Is it free for you to go there?" I replied "Well,'s a $15 co-pay." She could not believe that I would rather go to my Dr. and pay the $15 vs. go to the free clinic. I finally just accepted the information and directions quietly...still adjusting my mainland thinking...working on it daily...really. BTW...CRH thinks it would make a great (and hilarious!) blog to go to the free clinic and report back to ya'll on not happening.

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