Monday, June 9, 2008

Wow...I'm so not ready!

Eve Hart is at her first half day of Kindergarten training! There will be no turning back on July more days of just staying home with us because we want her to play...who am I kidding? Of course there will be, but they will be less and less. :(

We took her into her classroom today, it's a bright, happy little room. ABCs and 1-100 on the board. They seem to be getting Smart Boards too...we love those things! Anyway, on the door is a sign that states..."I Pledge". It's this whole "pledge" about how guns and "ice" are bad and how harmful they can be and you are "pledging" to not touch these It's Kindergarten!! It's going to be a long ride!

So, we meet her teacher, Ms. Hilary Taylor, and make a parent-child craft together...which consisted of a picture frame with colored macaroni and gems...then, it was time for Mommy to leave! Daddy had to leave prior to craft time because of work and all. Ya'll will be so proud...I didn't cry! Not one tear...I wanted to, but I did not! Oh, Eve didn't either...although she did have much anxiety and did NOT want me to leave. I bribed her...told her if she let me go...we could do whatever she wanted when I pick her up!

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