Sunday, June 8, 2008

Eve's Birthday weekend

It has been quite a weekend!

Yesterday, Eve Hart turned 5 years old!! We attempted to start the day with a hula lesson after opening presents and having breakfast, but for some reason there was NO hula yesterday...this was not met with happiness. From this point, we went to Sea Life Park to see the park shows and have a Dolphin Encounter. This is a really cool place! We got there hours before our we saw it all. I have sent some pictures detailing the's almost like you were there with us...except you could not take cameras into the water during the we had to BUY one of those and I can't scan it in yet. Anyway, Eve LOVED did we!

The "encounter" consisted of us getting in and petting the dolphin (a lot), kissing the dolphin, and dancing with the dolphin. We saw several shows...dolphins and sea lions. The park also is home to the only known "wolphin", who is part false killer whale and part Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin...a breeding accident.

After this, we came home and made dinner and a cake. I asked Eve if she would like to buy a cake (ice cream or otherwise) or bake one...she picked bake one! What a nut! So if you have seen the pictures, you know we are NOT master bakers. It was hilarious! She loved every second of it though. THEN, we had movie night and watched Underdog...cute movie...much, much better than the old cartoon CRH and I watched...back in the day!
It was a full day...we all crashed at about 10:15pm...exhausted!
Thanks to everyone who called and wished Eve "Happy Birthday"!

Today, we moved stuff into the new house. It rocks! I think we are going to love it. We have mixed emotions about leaving here, but it's in the final sale it was inevitable. I'm just thrilled we found a furnished place that we like this much too!

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