Friday, June 6, 2008


I am now a bartender at The Crouching Lion here in Ka'a'awa. Things sure do come full circle sometimes, don't they? They called me today to offer me the job. I was worried because it had been a week. I thought surely I would be a shoe-in. CRH suggested maybe I have TOO much personality and that was why they had not that even possible?? Anyway, apparently I'm good...just had to wait a week.

So, I decided today to NEVER bother playing the lottery again...why would I? We have used all of our luck getting here.
1. We live beachfront in Hawaii (on the really pretty side, no less!).
2. We sold our house and contents in NC in less than a month during the worst housing market ever (ok, maybe not EVER, but in a really long time).
3. CRH is back in a job that he enjoys and that is MUCH less stressful.
4. I wanted to work as a bartender here...which is apparently a little bit hard to do...and now I am. BTW...this restaurant overlooks the ocean here too...the bar has great windows for ocean gazing!
5. Eve loves it and appreciates the beauty of it all.

My parents have pointed out that due to the way these things have all worked out, that we really must be meant to live here...I agree. Life rocks here on this little island in the middle of the Pacific!

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