Monday, June 23, 2008

Eve's Kindergarten

Today was the last day of Keiki Steps to Kindergarten...mixed feelings. On one side, I get one month with her before school starts and we don't have to get up at 6:45am everyday. On the other side, I really liked her having somewhere to go for a few hours a day and she really liked the socialization aspect.
Anyway, I went to pick her up today and we found out that our Geographic Exception form had been accepted and she will be going to Ka'a'awa Elementary School. Ms. Taylor will be her teacher and she will go to Nancy's afterschool on the days I work. Ms. Taylor apparently went to the prinicipal and asked for approval for her to stay in her classroom! We are very excited!


Cheri said...

I can't believe Eve and Ethan will be starting kindergarten so soon! Where has the time gone?

I am glad that she will be staying at that school, but I guess walking is out of the question now.

Amy said...

Hell, walking was out of the question after we did it the first day...that was a pipe dream! :)
Time really has flown!!! My god...they were just babies!