Monday, June 30, 2008

The Road to Hana

What a weekend! Saturday morning, the Hart family caught the Super Ferry to Maui...we boarded at 5am!! Yikes! I highly enjoyed this method of transport because we sailed by some of the other islands (Molokai and Lanai). We arrived in Maui at 9:30am and drove off to our hotel. CRH wasn't feeling great, so it was an uneventful day. We had lunch at a restaurant on the beach and then CRH napped and Eve and I went to the pool for the afternoon. That evening we went to a luau at the hotel...touristy, but fun. Eve enjoyed it. Eve and I hula danced on stage and ate pig while watching the show.

The next day was amazing!! Yesterday, we got up and drove the Hana Hwy. to...yep, Hana. It is a white knuckled ride! There are many places along the 34 mile stretch where 2 cars cannot go by one another at the same time. You must yield to oncoming traffic...some people do...others not so much. The beauty is like no other though...seriously! Eve and CRH swam in a waterfall. We saw a black sand beach along the way...all while driving in lush tropical vegetation.

Then, after arriving in Hana, we found the red sand beach!! This is the most beautiful spot in Hawaii that I've seen to date...maybe the world. It is a hidden piece of land on private property with No Trespassing signs abound...but no one seems to be enforcing them. You hike (literally hike) to the beach along jagged coastline and lava...not an easy place to find. Fortunately, it was Sunday and there was enough foot traffic to guide us in the right direction. We asked several people for help to no avail. The hotel guy denied that this beach even exists. The dread locked dude at the tree was so freaking high that he could not even speak a coherent word, much less tell CRH where to go. It was an adventure...but totally worth it. I will be emailing pics and uploading a few on here later today. Here is a link also...check it out.

After this experience, we left Hana for the journey back. We stopped at this roadside stand and had some of the best tacos ever...finished with a lemon shortbread cookie (the baker lives up the road and raises her own chickens for the eggs used in her recipes). YUM! Once arriving back, we drove around a bit before boarding the Super Ferry for home. We arrived back in Laie last night at 12:30am...exhausted...but it was so fun!

Funny tale from CRH...we are waiting at the dock for the ferry and it's not there yet. An older Asian woman approaches CRH to discuss the fact that said ferry is not here 15 minutes after supposed boarding time. This woman had NO sense of humor...very deadpan...anyway, CRH replies to her inquiry of where the ferry might be with a "I hope it didn't sink." Her face was priceless...needless to say she walked away. CRH overheard her later recanting the story to one of her travel partners saying "And then that man over there in the green shirt said he hoped it hadn't sunk". The lack of humor on her end made CRH and I giggle like schoolgirls...maybe we are just mean...but we sure are funny about it!

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