Thursday, June 19, 2008

Polynesian Cultural Center

This is the coolest place. We saw the Fire Knife Championship here last month and became annual members. This should interest you because when you come to visit, you get a good discount on admission. Admission is high for tourists, but very low for kama'aina (locals). Anyway, Eve and I went after school today. She and I wanted to see the canoe pageant and the IMAX movie. The canoe pageant was very pretty...also very hot...lots of complaining. There are many islands represented at this center. The Mormons started it as a way to preserve and educate people on the cultures of the South Pacific. BYU students work here and funds go to support them. ( a way I'm funding the Mormons.) So, each island has a canoe that floats in this daily pageant along the "river" was interesting to see. We did not visit the islands today...too hot (84 degrees)...little person grumpy.
We then went to the IMAX movie - Coral Reef Adventures. It was amazing! Very beautiful cinematography...must stop polluting our waters...we are killing the reefs with global warming, logging, and overfishing. Damn us...

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