Tuesday, June 10, 2008

False Alarm

We appear to be up and running with Internet! I'm not sure if it will hold out until the 25th, but we shall see!
Eve is loving her Kindergarten bootcamp...seems to be getting a lot out of the interaction! After her day at school today, we had a girls' shopping day! Her grandparents and great-grandparents had sent her some birthday money that was burning a hole in her pocket! We had a big shopping spree at Toys R Us and got a few extras at Kmart...big fun! While we were out, I accidentally closed the car door on her sweet baby leg - just barely grazed it when she was getting in. It didn't even warrant tears, just indignation that I was not paying attention. After our shopping had ended, we came back to Laie and went to Pizza Hut to pick up dinner. We were sitting there waiting for our carry-out order and Eve bursts out as loud as she can "Mom, my leg looks a lot better from where you hit me earlier!". I would have been MORTIFIED had I not been laughing so hard! I am sure DSS is on their way...wonder if they can find me in the compound??
LOVE the new house...miss the view. I woke up this morning to a big fat cane spider on the bedroom wall...it was probably plotting where it was going to bite me. It made leaving today much, much easier!

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