Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dole, Dick Cheney, and The Devil

Yesterday Eve and I had a girls' day at the Dole Pineapple Plantation. What an operation they have going on there! We had fun...went on a train ride through the fields, toured the gardens, planted a pineapple crown, and went through the pineapple maze. The best part...the pineapple's this delicious pineapple ice cream! I bought us one to share...she didn't share so much.

CRH called me at lunch yesterday and said someone had approached him about working for Haliburton. I told him we would have to get divorced...until I heard what the base salary and benefits would be...then I decided to hell with my morals and hatred of Dick. :) I doubt he will pursue it...if he does I've decided to become a pharmaceutical sales rep and drive an Escalade with air conditioned seats...might as well both sell our souls to the devil so we can be together in hell.

In other news...Eve starts swim lessons on Monday at the Gunstock Ranch. She had her pre-test today and is pretty excited about it! Hula lessons resume after July I guess we will do that too.

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