Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Eve's 1st Day of School

Last night, we had a nice dinner, showered, and packed her book bag for school today. This morning, we all got up at 6:45am (!) and got ready for the big day! Eve had requested cinnamon rolls for breakfast, so I actually got up and made them. She was SO cute this morning! After breakfast, she put on her cute little dress and her book bag and we took a few (yeah, right!) pictures of her. Then, it was off to Ka'a'awa Elementary School! She walked right in with us to Mrs. Taylor's room and put her things away. CRH and I kissed her goodbye and went out into the school yard. I introduced him to Nancy, her after school sitter, and we watched the kids all gather around. Every morning they go outside and say the Pledge of Allegiance and sing America the Beautiful. The principal welcomed them back from summer break and off they went. She looked so small in the school yard with all those other kids!
I was able to wait until after I left the school yard to start crying. CRH was very wonderful and supportive (he didn't mock me once!). I then called my parents on the drive home and relayed the morning to them.

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RZAS Wife said...

She's a big girl now! Awww! I know exactly how you're feeling. Where did these last five years go?