Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Seahorse!

CRH was off we all went to the beach. We drove about a mile from our house to this state park and swam there today...little change of scenery. CRH took his new surfboard and we just hung out. While we were hanging out in the water, CRH spotted a seahorse swimming by...he was huge! This seahorse was like 5" was so cool!!! We watched him for a while trying to decide if it was alive...our clue that he was...he was swimming against the current. It was amazing! Then, my kid got up on CRH's surfboard! She stood up and CRH pushed her and she actually surfed some!! I was a proud mama!!!

We went to see Kung Fu Panda tonight (very cute and funny) and then went out to eat. Eve's meal came with all know where this is going, huh? CRH and I have had the pronunciation discussion on this word for YEARS. I pronounce it does the rest of the free world. He always asks where in the word is this extra "r". I always feel compelled to start a survey and ask others around us how they pronounce it too. I asked the bus boy and learned why HI is last in education. He pronounced it correctly (my version of correct) and then CRH asked him to spell it. Bless his heart this is how it went... s-e-r-b...trails off. We must work on our educational appears to be broken.

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